About The Program

DISCLAIMER TO LYFT TEAM: CAM IS NOT A WRITER! Use this only as an example. Take from it as you wish..

Lyft drivers have a simple passion: meet others, socialize and go places while still getting paid.

Your destinations can take you places where you never thought to go before. You will meet people you would otherwise have a lesser chance of meeting. While we at Lyft can not guarantee every passenger will be perfect, clean and shiny, we can help you with keeping your riding environment as clean as you can possibly make it!

Our drivers are eligible for a full sanitization kit for your vehicle. This kit will provide the essentials you need to keep your riding environment clean (as possible) from bacteria and more.

What is in my kit?


Our hands carry the most bacteria. They touch seats, door handles, window buttons, locks and many other elements in your vehicle. Before you touch those objects, sanitize those hands!

Face masks

We know our hands carry a lot of bacteria, but what about the bacteria that comes from our mouths when we talk? Bacteria from the mouth is known to travel in the air up to 6 feet! Our mouth and nose are vulnerable entry points for bacteria to enter. Our cotton face masks help lower your chances of this from happening.

Other essentials

With sanitizer and face masks, you cover the main bases of staying free from bacteria as much as possible. Since you are in a vehicle, we think it's best if you are also supplied with disinfectant wipes, a spray bottle and solution to create your own sanitize mixture to clean the objects in your vehicle. Should you ever need additional supplies, you may purchase them as a kit or individual from our site!